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Ayurveda Rituals Healing Escape

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Enjoy 1-3 days of Ayurveda Healing treatments with Andrea Olivera

A Sacred healing sanctuary based on Ayurveda concepts, philosophy and ancient Vedic traditions.

ONLY 90 a minute Drive from downtown Toronto. Come up for a country drive and a Ayurveda Healing package of rejuvenating treatments surrounded by gardens, sacred woodlands and a mystical creek to refresh your energy field. Let Mother Nature bath you with forest love and healing waters. Overnight stays available at our comfortable country inn. Enjoy an Ayurveda Dosha balancing breakfast!


Devi Sanctuary Karma Yoga Program

Work-stay and work-train opportunities to connect with like-minded people, and practice mindfulness in the spectacular natural setting of the Devi Sanctuary, eight acres of woodland in the heart of Northumberland County, a short distance from Toronto, Ontario

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Karmic Life Readings

I help find your karmic life map. During your session we will explore your karmic debt, reoccurring patterns and propensities…

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Karma Emotional Release Therapy

Helps with
• blocked emotions
• stored painful past and present issues in relationships
• past life traumas that keep reoccurring
• chakra imbalances and addictions

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Ayurveda Rituals Skin Care

Andrea Olivera is a seminal figure in Canada’s Ayurvedic spa healing and beauty industry. For over 30 years she has helped thousands of clients and students experience the wonders of Ayurveda through her unique Andrea Olivera Ayurveda Rituals Botanicals – her exquisite line of natural botanical skincare and perfumes. She is also the author of Eye on Yoga, Ayurveda and Jyotish Almanac, and A Rishi Among Us —Tales of Krishan Mantri. She is currently working on her third book.

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The Ayurveda Rituals
Spa Specialist Training Program

The Ayurveda Rituals Spa Specialist Training Program consists of five training modules that culminate in the completion of the Spa Specialist Program. Modules may be taken individually or toward completion of the full program. You may choose to immerse yourself in an intensive course of study to accelerate your Ayurvedic practice immediately or complete courses as your schedule will allow gradually building on each aspect of your practice.

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Signature Scents by Andrea Olivera

A customized Scent just for you, or a loved one.

This journey into the world of Scent invites you to build a relationship to the plant and flower kingdom and learn what scent most enhances your true nature.

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