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Devi Sanctuary Karma Yoga Program


You asked, and we listened!
After many requests for Karma Yoga opportunities from members of our community, we are excited to announce the DEVI SANCTUARY KARMA YOGA PROGRAM, a unique suite of customized work-stay and work-train opportunities. Tailored to align with your unique goals, skill sets, and schedules, we invite you to explore Karma Yoga opportunities at our beautiful Devi Sanctuary country retreat!

Karma Yoga is …
the joyful and intentional action of selfless devotional service … a path of self-study, purification, and an opportunity to commune with Divinity in the presence of like-minded people. Many spiritual organizations in the world over, from modern Yoga studios and traditional spiritual communities, offer a range of opportunities for individuals to do Karma Yoga service in exchange for food and shelter. Karma
Yoga provides opportunities for us to transform our day-to-day skill sets — the training, skills, and abilities that we often take for granted, and tasks we carry out on a regular basis devoid of a sense of purpose or joy — into meaningful, joyful, and purpose-filled devotional service.

Devotional service in a spectacular natural setting
Devi Sanctuary, home to Ayurveda Rituals Spa and Retreat is located in Northumberland County, 90 minutes east of Toronto by car. Our sanctuary offers eight sacred acres of natural forest peppered with devotional shrines, a creek, and woodland fauna and flora. Devi Sanctuary offers beautifully appointed accommodations, a dining room, and a guest lounge. Indoor and outdoor shrines and altars throughout the property provide serene and welcoming spaces for spiritual connection practices, meditation, and yoga.

We are just 5 minutes from Rice Lake’s Halstead Beach and the village of Bewdley to the north, and 15 minutes south to picturesque Port Hope, Canada’s most beautiful town, and Cobourg Beach, on the shore of Lake Ontario. Nearby is the Ganaraska Forest, and its popular hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails. Meditate, relax, commune with nature, and explore the many destinations of the region’s natural beauty, local antique stores, amenities, and lake-side activities during your stay.

Devi Sanctuary is a sacred space, a quiet, contemplative, intoxicant-free environment.

While people of all backgrounds and walks of life are welcome, as Karma Yoga is a spiritual practice, the Devi Sanctuary Karma Yoga Program is ideally suited for individuals interested in their personal development, and integrating their spiritual practice into their daily life tasks and responsibilities while living and serving in a spiritual community.

AYURVEDA RITUALS’ DEVI SANCTUARY KARMA YOGA Program opportunities offer you customized work-stay and work-train opportunities to connect with like-minded people, and practice mindfulness in the spectacular natural setting of the Devi Sanctuary, eight acres of woodland in the heart of Northumberland County, a short distance from Toronto, Ontario. At Ayurveda Rituals, we understand that everyone brings a unique combination of skills, attributes, and capabilities to their karma yoga practice. With this in mind, we are dedicated to working one-on-one with you to design a karma yoga experience that aligns with your skills, availability, and goals. All Devi Sanctuary karma yoga opportunities are designed to help participants connect to their inner guidance.

We offer:
• SHORT- AND LONG-TERM work-stay opportunities for individuals interested in making a joyful contribution to the dynamic range of projects and operational tasks at Devi Sanctuary. There are opportunities for individuals skilled in a wide variety of areas, including building trades, domestic duties, social media, gardening, painting, graphic design, videography, business management, maintenance, mechanical, general labor, and day-to-day operational tasks. We will work with you to create a karma yoga schedule that aligns with your talents, budget, goals, and availability, in exchange for food, shelter, spiritual learning, and spiritual guidance.

Our work-stay opportunities include:
• full work-day stay arrangements, at no cost (a complete exchange)
• half work-day stay arrangements at a reduced rate (customized service with a daily fee)
• full-pay stays

We also work with individuals interested in train-stay opportunities to create a customized work-train arrangement, designed with your skill sets and goals in mind.

Visit andreaoliveraacademy.com for a comprehensive list of training programs.

Devi Sanctuary Karma Yoga work-stay and work-train opportunities include…

  • All meals – a Yogic diet, at designated meal times, as well as snacks and beverages – (Meals can be customized to support personal allergies and food sensitivities.)
  • Private or semi-private accommodations
  • Scheduled daily practices, including a post-breakfast spiritual morning practice
  • Individual time following scheduled work periods for forest walks, meditation, yoga, prayer,
  • Self-reflection, leisure activities, and spiritual evening practice
  • Spring and Summer evenings allow star gazing and forest walks and socializing by the fire pit
  • Fall and Winter evenings offer solitary indoor activities, including, reading, meditation, and resting by the fireplace.

CONTACT US TODAY! Let’s create your KARMA YOGA A WORK-STAY OR WORK-TRAIN EXPERIENCE tailor-made FOR YOU!  Email us or phone to get started. Phone 416-504-6049 or email info@ayurvedictouch.com

Please note that Ayurveda Rituals Spa Treatments, Vedic Astrology consultations, and Karma Emotional Release sessions are available at regular rates and must be booked in advance. Visit www.ayurvedaritualsspa.com to view and book services.